Silhouette Sunday #6 – My first Vinyl project – jar labels


I opened up my vinyl kit and took out the hook and the scrapper tools. The kit included a variety of colors of vinyl and transfer sheets.  I chose the white vinyl for my kitchen jars.  I went in and found a label shape I liked and stretched it to the size and shape I liked.

vinyllabel2When you use the vinyl you don’t use the cutting mat and set it to the vinyl setting. Then you pull up the excess vinyl.

vinyllabel3The hook tool is so great because it gets right in there and the vinyl comes out easy. This process takes a little time depending on your design. But I actually found this relaxing. I listened to music and watched how my labels transformed.

vinyllabel4The picture above is all the labels I made.  This is after I pulled up all the excess vinyl.

vinyllabel5What? You say that my hands look different? Well then you are correct. That is my husband. I had him help me place the transfer paper on top of the labels.  The vinyl curls a little so the extra hands were helpful. Oh, okay, so I wanted him to see how much fun this stuff is. Can you blame me?

vinyllabel6Once he placed it down I used the scraper tool to press it down evenly so that it would stick evenly to the transfer paper. Which by the way can be reused so don’t throw it away.


The labels stuck easily to the transfer paper.

vinyllabel8My husband helped me apply them to my containers.  I just love how they look. They are so pretty and every time I look at them I feel the ‘happy dance’ coming on.


Well I hope you try using vinyl if you haven’t already. I am definitely going to think of some more projects to use the vinyl.

Have a blessed day!



  1. Hi Belinda! Your labels are wonderful and it seems you really enjoyed making them too! I label things around the house just so I know what I put where. Not sure if pretty labels would look good on my boxes, lol!!! Thank you for the step by step instructions on making them. Did your husband enjoy helping with the process too? Have a great Sunday!

    • Hi Rasz! I love labels and I used to use my label maker and make labels for all sorts of things in my craft room years ago. But then I think one of my boys broke it so I stopped. But I have never stopped liking the look of labels. So using my Silhouette to make labels has reunited me with an old love. My husband would never admit it but I am pretty sure he enjoyed helping me.

      Hope you are having a blessed day my friend!

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