Shortcuts for Designing in Silhouette

Hi everyone! I have been seriously having so much fun with my Silhouette. I have been making Valentines, cutting out some words for my Project Life and even working on a logo design for my son.  I used to do multimedia development way back before having my boys.  One thing I did then was learn all the shortcut keys for the various applications I used to speed up my work.  In Photoshop, I learned all the shortcuts and created actions to reduce repetitive tasks. So I am thrilled to learn that there are shortcuts when working in Silhouette Studio.

Some of you might want to resist this but trust me, in the end you will be so happy you took the time to learn them.  Because whenever you want to create something you will do it with ease and very quickly.

Silhouette has compiled a list for both PC and Mac users.  One way to learn them is to start with a few at a time and as you use  new features, refer to this sheet to see if there is an equivalent shortcut key to perform your task. Before you know it, it will come to you without you thinking about it.


The photo above is a sneak peek of a finished Valentines’ mailbox I cut out with my Silhouette and now using with my family. So be sure to check back on Monday to see all the mailboxes.

Happy crafting!



  1. Thanks for sharing that info. I’m way better with the keyboard than I am with the mouse. 🙂 April

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