Wow, three days with our family down with who knows-what-they-call-it illnesses. It began with Apollo and spread through the family. So I missed work for two days and am scrambling to salvage my deadlines while still shaking whatever this thing that rushed in and took over our family. I would share a nice photo of my craft room today but it is so chaotic right now.  I will spare you the sight.

I did manage to photograph some new cards from my Valentine’s collection that will be up in the shop shortly and managed to write and post a new project – Belinda’s Book Nook  in the Projects section of this site.  I will be updating this section regularly or should  I say as fast as I can complete reading each book and share my thoughts and experiences with all of the books I manage to read this year.  I read a wide range of books so you will be sure to find one you will want to pick up yourself.

Well enough of my catch up for now, I am going to try and wrap up some more work before I have to go pick up the boys.

Have a blessed day.



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