Welcome to Belinda’s Book Nook!

Welcome to my book nook!

I have been an avid reader since I was a child.  I love the ability to be whipped off your feet and taken away for a while.  Sometimes, I enjoy  just reading the feel good beach read and sometimes I enjoy a little science fiction to believe in the possibilities. Sometimes I put on my detective hat and read a good mystery to test my skills (shhh… not very good thus far!). But lately my love has been for historical fictions. When I was in junior high and high school (many eons ago) I found history classes dry and the idea of memorizing dates for tests, simply turned me off to history.  As an adult, I have found a new interest in history through the vehicle of historical fictions.  They engage the reader with story and infuse historical facts into them and before you know it, you found yourself learning a little history.

I have been in a few book clubs and enjoy the challenge of stretching to read something I might never of had an inclination to pursue or simply a book I never knew existed.  I am currently in a book club so I will be including many of the selections we read in addition to my eclectic bookshelf!

As I read them, I will share my thoughts and ensure you can reach for them too if you so choose by clicking on the book covers which I will connect directly to the bookstore.

I will also share upcoming books that I am sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for them to be published. Basically all things books will take place here. So please peek back often and do leave comments, I love to talk books.



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