Home Happenings: Laundry Lessons

laundrylessonsI decided that starting this passed weekend, I would begin laundry lessons for the boys. So since I wash their sheets on the weekend, I thought I would hand over that task to them. Nicholas of course did not sign off on me sharing his photo but Apollo didn’t mind. First thing he did was take the sheets off the bed which is a workout when you have bunk beds almost as bad as making them.

Step one, I explained what goes in each of the compartments in the drawer. I use Method laundry detergent and thought it would be easy to teach them how many pumps to use and let them go to work.

Well if you look closely, Apollo has no shirt on Step 4. Yup, a little wardrobe malfunction!  No, he squirted his sleeve on one attempt to put it in the bin. So he had to add it to the load!!

I forgot to take a picture of him loading the dryer but overall I think it was a success. Nicholas grumbled as expected but I am making it a standing rule that on Saturday or Sunday, they must strip their bed of their sheets and do the whole thing without me. A great help it will be and they will learn how to use the machine.  One less dirty look I might receive from their future wives!!

Have a great day my friends!



  1. Love it!! I wonder how it will go when you are away! Thankfully I’m in the stage of “I love doing her laundry & folding her cute little clothes!”

    • I used to like laundry. Years ago, when we bought these machines I loved it. Now, I just feel like I’m trying to keep my head above water. It’s endless!

  2. Love it!! You crack me up! This is so wonderful! You have no idea how many kids go off to college and have no idea how to do laundry!

  3. Love it! Giving me ideas!

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