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One of my goals with my OLW which is Connect is connecting more regularly with friends. So I am a big believer in what energy you put out there, it will come back. And I really believe that what I am about tell you is because I put the energy out to connect to friends.

Two weeks ago, I was working on my blog and I have a program that automatically scans comments to determine if they are spam. If so, they put them in a separate area. It also allows me to approve comments. So I was going through a list of comments that needed to be approved and came across one that I wasn’t sure about. The first name rang a bell but when I clicked through they used a graphic rather than a photo as their avatar (pardon if too technical). So I don’t take chances, I deleted it.  A few days later, I received a comment with details of my childhood that just blew me away.

My father was in the service and I lived on the base for a short time before he retired. Where I grew up, I went to school with kids from the base and made great friends. The only problem is they usually have to leave at some point. This friend of mine was lucky, her date put it off somehow longer than most but right as were into high school she told me they had to move. I was sad. We tried to keep in touch and then as most people we lost touch. She contacted my mom when I was in college and then we talked again then we lost touch.

When a memory of her would occur, I would get online and start searching. I knew a few things to help but to no avail. Well, she found me…she found me. I believe in this energy and I know in my heart, that it was meant to happen because I put that energy out and for whatever reason she found my blog.

We have started a slow catch up but I intend on not letting her slip away again.

So that is my update for now thanks for allowing me to share this with you.


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