My Little Graduate

Apollo marching in with his classmates

Today, my little boy graduated from Preschool.  The school sent home a cap and gown to be worn for the ceremony. Leao ironed it last night and I picked out his clothes. All week, I would overhear Apollo singing songs that I asumed he would perform with his classmates.

Apollo and his diploma

He was so proud to show off his diploma


We have a history with this preschool, Peas in a Pod. Nicholas went to the same school for a year and a half and we had a such a good experience with very able and loving teachers. So when it came time to choose a place for Apollo, it came easy for us. I remember dropping off Nicholas for his first day and sitting in the parking lot crying on the telephone with my sister Berni.  She told me it would be alright and that I was doing the right thing.

Apollo and I

It was so cute to take a photo with my little graduate.

Four years later, I took Apollo for his first day and he didn’t cry on his first day but I could feel my throat closing as I left the building. I cried for both the same and different reasons. This time, would be my last time for he was my last child.  He would spend time with other people and less and less time with m


Big brother posing with the graduate

Big brother, Nicholas took time to pose with our little graduate.


So today, the weather started out raining but it cleared when it came time to go outside for the pettying zoo and food they had planned for the children.  Apollo really loves animals so he ran right up to the cages so he could pet each one. I was very proud of how brave he was going up to each one and petting them.  He liked watching the goat eat the hay.

Leao and Apollo

Apollo posing with his dad.

After that, we went out to Border Cafe for lunch. The boys yummed up some chips and salsa, chicken and fries then we went home. Apollo said he wished he could bring an animal home. I like that he likes animals so much. It reminds me of my mum.

Posing for me at the house.

A very special day indeed.

Apollo and Bee

It wouldn’t be complete without a picture with Apollo’s bear “Bee”

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