It’s My Birthday Month!


Yes you read it right..Birthday Month. I used to insist that my birthday always extended to the full week my birthday landed on with my family. I would say, “It’s just too good to contain to one day, such an epic event as my birth.” Leao would humor me and indulge if not only to keep me from going on and on about it.  But then enters my friend Ashley and Joan and they declare a whole month for their birthday. So this year, I too am taking up the practice.birthdaymonth2014b

June is my month. Think about it…when you are at the jewelry store the salesperson says to you, ” Which month were you born? So they can tell you your birthstone.  Or the horoscopes…they are neatly organized by months.  Okay, so my argument isn’t so strong.  Buy I think my friends are onto something and I am going to go with it.


Last night I went to meet some of my super crafty friends for our regular crop night and what did I find? A beautiful tiara, a balloon and yummy chocolate cake for moi and my sweet friends. They sang and I got to blow out the candle. My actually birthday isn’t until the 16th but I sure am liking the lovin’ I received last night. So let the month of June be a fun one!  I sure am blessed to have such warm and loving friends.


Thank you ladies for a fun night!

Have a blessed day friends!




  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a great time! Enjoy and stretch that birthday week as long as you can! Hugs, Rasz

  2. You definitely deserve an entire month of celebrating YOU! So happy you could make it last night! Hugs!!!!

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