Happy World Gratitude Day!


Hello everyone! It’s Monday and it’s also World Gratitude Day!  I could go on a little rant about waking up to my first cold in months. To be honest, I think my last cold was before the summer. But, I instead would like to express some gratitude. After all, it has been proven to improve your health to express gratitude so there’s no time like the present while I am sick to pour on the love!

The picture above is a cropped (yup, you heard it, cropped) photo of my desk this morning. I spared you the eye sore called clutter that is currently residing outside of the picture frame.

I am grateful for many things and will list a few so as not to keep you from your busy day.

My health: First, I am grateful for my health (aside from my common cold I am experiencing now). I mean my overall health. I have been making a conscious effort to improve my health since last April and I can feel the difference. I am grateful that I have the ability to work out at home daily so I don’t have to spend extra money or time going to and from the gym.

My husband: I am very private with a lot despite this blog. But I do want to say that I am so grateful that Leao and I met and have made a wonderful life together. He gets me and is so supportive of all of my endeavors. I am also grateful for the amazing relationship he has with our boys. He is very hands-on with their lives and I know it will only make them into even more amazing men in the future.

My boys: I can’t mention Leao and not include my boys. Wow, where to begin? I mean, they rock my world. I know it’s cliche but I can’t imagine life without them. I have a more richer life with them in it. They help me grow and keep me young. Don’t get me wrong, spending 30 minutes plus last week trying to get the adhesive Apollo spilled on my work desk off, is not fun stuff but the rest is pure goodness.

My job: Every morning, I wake and am thankful for another day to do what I love. I love crafts. I love coming up with new ideas. I love playing with my markers and craft tools and don’t get me started with my Silhouette.  Oh yeah. I am blessed to have the opportunity to explore my interests period. My husband helps me make that possible and I do not take it for granted.

My books: I’m getting goose bumps thinking about books. I love them. I love reading them and letting them take me on their adventures. I am so grateful to be able to go to the bookstores and browse the shelves. This never gets old for me.

My friends: I am really grateful for my girlfriends. I have friends both near and far, that keep me grounded. I have the most amazing and talented crafting friends on the planet. Yup, and they inspire me when we are together to play. They simply rock. I have book club girlfriends that open me to more, while having great discussions and laughs over our obsession for books.  I have school mommy friends that motivate me to be a great mom and are there to lean on when things aren’t going so well. I am grateful for them all.

My family: I am so grateful for my sister, Bernadette. She is the most generous person I have ever met outside of our mother.  She has a gift for connecting and caring for people and it is demonstrated daily at her job. She makes me laugh constantly and I am so proud to call her my sister.  I also have the most amazing sister-in-laws. I mean it. These ladies are the real deal, intelligent, talented, motivated and beautiful inside and out. It’s fun when we can all get together and catch up. I am so grateful to have married into the most amazing family. My brother-in-laws are equal forces to my sister-in-laws and I love having more brothers. Since I grew up with a bunch of sisters and only one brother. I hit the jackpot marrying Leao.

Well I could go on or I go do some work. Be sure to take some time today to reflect on your gratitude.

Have a blessed day my friends!



  1. You rock my friend!

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