Happy Monday: Today’s Musings

happymonday1003_2016bHello! Happy Monday! How are you doing? Did you have a good weekend? I had a nice one. I woke up early Saturday morning with some cleaning projects on my mind. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I waited a little bit and I just started cleaning. I only intended to do a little bit but I got a little compulsive and took care of some things that have been long overdue.

I had intended on spending Saturday completing some craft projects but the cleaning took up a large portion of the day. So I ended up working on some projects in the second half of the day. It always makes me happy when I get to spend time at my craft table just making things.

I even completed reading a book and started another book for my book club. I also am working on some videos because I’ve been meaning to put some videos up on the site and I just haven’t gotten around to it or felt ready yet. There’s no time like the present and I’m just going to jump right in and do it! I can spend hours criticizing or doubting or I could just do it. I chose the latter so stay tuned there should be some videos coming to the blog soon.

Leao came back from his trip so I was so happy to spend time with him this weekend but unfortunately he has to travel again on Tuesday and he won’t be back until Friday. I’m not a big fan of him traveling but he needs to meet face-to-face with his new team that he is managing that’s in the North Carolina office. The boys missed him a lot last week because he doesn’t travel much anymore and when he did it’s was only a day or two here and there but for his new job he needs to do this so that he can better connect with his staff. I’m very happy for him and excited for him and his next journey. He’s so incredibly talented and it’s great to see opportunities seek him out.

My Patriots lost their football game yesterday, but despite my disappointment, I am holding up.  On a happy note I included flower photos today and happy to say my Dahlias are still going strong while my zinnias are trying their hardest to be the tallest in the flower bed.  I find it really strange that my hydrangea is trying to bloom in October. The weather has been so crazy this year that my plants are so confused. So I had to capture the beginning of the bloom.
happymonday1003_2016aIt is So warm today I think that I’m going to go outside this afternoon for a little ‘me time’ with my book.

I hope you have a blessed day and a wonderful week and I will be writing more posts this week so you better come back!

Have a blessed day!


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