Happy Monday from Barnes and Noble!


Hello Everyone! Happy Monday from Barnes and Noble. With my new work schedule, I am trying to schedule time in to work on more blog posts. Monday is the designated day so I thought I would drive over to one of my favorite places to work and read – Barnes and Noble. So naturally I had to order my Chai and today I am also treating myself to a scone (something I have been avoiding for some time).

I work in my home office most of the time but since working on my blog requires only me and my computer, I can go anywhere. So I have decided that working one day out of my home office might be a nice change. Besides, I love being around all these books!

I had a great weekend with Leao for his birthday weekend while the boys stayed with my in-laws.  On Saturday afternoon, we watched the Patriot’s game and talk about stress. What a stressful game to watch even if in the end it did work out for the Pats. I found myself covering my eyes and saying all sorts of prayers at certain points in the game. Then we went out to dinner at a new Japanese restaurant.

Well I have to get back to work but I hope you had a wonderful weekend and do check in for some new posts this week.

Have a blessed day my friend.



  1. Hi Belinda! Lucky you! Our local B&N closed down…and by “local” I mean about 25 miles away. Have no idea where another one is. I enjoyed going there with my boys when they were young. They both loved books and I could have my coffee and browse all over for some inspiration! Sounds like you had a great weekend and a great start to this week! Enjoy!

    • Hey girl! How are you? I always am in fear they will close our B&N. I still take my boys there for books and they love the pizza!

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