Happy Halloween!!


I made this little Halloween decor for my craft room with that same little which digi from Whimsy Stamps. I placed it on a shelf with my little pumpkin plant from Trader Joes.


I used these little black canvases I bought a while back at Michael’s. I was going to have my Silhouette cut it out closer but now I like it. It’s kind of like she has a little glow around her while she’s walking.

halloween2014dI had to fight with the boys to take down their Angry Birds flag so I could put up this cutie. It was given to me from my sweet neighbor Inez. She gave me a bunch of her flags when she moved and I love changing them. Notice all the leaves on the ground and still on the trees. I finally caved this year and yeterday I hired someone to remove them all. I just didn’t feel like spending time I could be crafting or with family raking leaves. It takes a long time to do our yard and I look forward to the sound of their leaf blowers taking my worries away!

Happy Halloween everyone!




  1. Happy Halloween crafty girl!

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