Happy Friday!


Hello Everyone! I have been running around busy with spring cleaning projects, administrative work, preparing for some upcoming home renovations and sticking to my Cleanse. The picture above is me at pick-up trying to soothe my sweet craving with a clean smoothie. It was actually really delicious.

As if that isn’t enough, I officially will begin garden clean-up this afternoon. It’s quite a process that takes days to work through but the weather is warming up and I’m am anxious to get out there and work on the first steps in preparation for planting season. It’s too soon for me to plant much so I focus on cleaning up areas, assessing what survived winter and what might need replacing and then plan my flower beds and vegetable gardens.  The hard part is that once garden season kicks in, I really abandon my craft table. I am going to look ways to keep a few projects going but I won’t make promises because outdoors is where I like to be. So I may change up my features on this blog during the late spring and summer months. Stay tuned for any announcements.

week2bThis is a yummy clean dish I made this week, it is Eggplant Curry and it’s delish!

week2cI love Whole Foods because it is always an adventure. I feel like I am on holiday at some exotic location because some of the fruits and vegetables I see are so foreign. This one I had to take a picture of – Jackfruit. It’s massive.

This upcoming week is also spring break for my boys so I will be doing a lot of staycation activities throughout the week. I think Apollo has even started a list (definitely taking after his mom).  I will also be catching up on my reading for book club and my personal selections so some reviews will be fast approaching. I am also working on videos for a YouTube channel to talk books that will be included in the Book Nook section of this website. I have been toying with starting a channel for a while and my youngest has been pushing me to do it. So it just might happen once I shake the nerves off.

Well have a blessed weekend and I will be back with more soon as I go play in my garden a bit!


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