Happy Earth Day!!!!


Wow it seemed like yesterday but we have arrived at Earth Day again. I spent time in my garden in honor of earth day cleaning up, weeding, watching, accessing and planning for this upcoming season. I love this time of year.

“Spring is like the ‘New Years’ of Gardening. It’s a clean slate. It’s time to start a new and find different ways to create new life in your garden. ”

– Belinda H. Fernandes


I enjoy all of the possibilities that spring brings.  I try to find ways to create my own oasis that doesn’t require too much maintenance. Last year I made an agreement with myself to not obsess over the garden and find a nice balance for relaxing with my family and gardening. I aim for the same today.


So I may not be out planting a tree for earth day, but I feel like what I play my part by growing my own vegetables and growing flowers to support the bee population.

Happy Earth Day!



  1. So pretty!! I see those peonies’s!! Xo

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