Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hello, everyone! Happy Friday and Cinco de Mayo!  It’s a bit gloomy outside but that’s alright, my plants need it. This week flew by mighty fast. Sometimes I will prepare a meal for the occasion but today we decided to geek out and see the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 at the movie theater tonight with the boys. We all enjoyed the crazy first and the second doesn’t look like it will disappoint.

My photo above is this week’s flower in our sitting room. I love watching the transformation of these beauties from the initial bud to this alien-like explosion of shape and color. They are truly magnificent. Yesterday, I kept stopping to look at them instead of reading my book. It’s funny how flowers still keep me in awe. In this photo, it hasn’t fully opened but each stage is stunning.

This weekend is date night with my man but before we drop the boys off with their grandparents, Saturday is Free Comic Book Day so the boys and I will wake up early and hit up some local comic book stores. It’s really fun. This will be the third year we have participated. Nick started talking about it a month ago. For those of you that haven’t experienced it, most of the local comic bookstores and chain stores, have free comics and other novelties available on this day. The first year, we walked out with a bunch of stuff. It’s really fun for the comic book lover.

Well I am keeping this short so I can wrap up some things before it’s pick-up time.  I hope you have a fun Cinco de Mayo and a blessed weekend!


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