Downton Abbey is back!!

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!  I am still coming down from all of the excitement of the 2-hour season  premiere of Downton Abbey last night. I have been waiting for it to come back on and found out literally yesterday in the morning while watching football.  Originally I was going to tape it and watch it today but I just had to watch it live. I am a big PBS fan and they held back nothing when it came to another quality program.

I have been watching this show for awhile and fell in love with the beautiful scenes. The story is so intriguing with all it’s little plots and subplots.  The music is amazing. It carries you ever so gently from one scene to the other.  Oh and the clothes, I must mention the clothes…wow so beautiful. The details in all the clothes is amazing.

Today I am working on my cover for Project Life 2014. I have a new system this year that I hope will make it possible for me to blog my layouts.  I am going to get back on schedule now that the boys are back in school this week.

I hope you all had a great holiday and let me know if you watch this show.

Have a blessed day!


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