Congratulations Boston Red Sox on the amazing win to become the World Series Champs

Hello Everyone!!

Confession, I am not a big fan of baseball. I find it a bit slow for my taste. My sport is football.  But I do support our state teams and I know when to pause and witness a great moment in history. So I did watch the second half of the game. I loved seeing all the players run together to celebrate as soon as Koji Uehara delivered the pitch to strike out Matt Carpenter!  I can only imagine what joy this team felt after working so hard together all year.  It must have been amazing.

To see grown men jumping up and down, hugging each other and I am sure some tears is a great thing to witness.  I ran out this morning to get the newspaper so that I can include it in my scrapbook.

That said, I was up until 12:30am and am very tired with no new “Confessions” update.  But I will plug away today and tomorrow I will have something to share.

Oh and Happy Halloween!


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