New Card: Girlfriend Series #1

girlfriends1Hello my friends!  I hope you are all doing well today. I am feeling especially happy.  Happy to be in my craft room today and happy to be going to a crop tonight with my girlfriends.

So what better card to share with you then the latest from my girlfriend series. I will be offering this on my shop and many others this fall. This is my first Stamping Bella stamp. I bought quite a few to use in my girlfriend collection among others.

I haven’t paper pierced in a long time so it was so much fun picking the pattern paper for their dresses.  It was like dressing Barbie! I used my Copics to color the rest and glossy accents on the glasses to make them look real.  I included a new favorite wine glass of min in the photo. I also bought this one for my girlfriend who loves Zinnia’s too and when I saw them at Crate and Barrel, I knew we had to have them. They don’t really look like Zinnia’s to me but the fact that they are called Zinnia’s was enough for me.

I hope to work on some more cards for this collection tonight at the crop.  I am still sneaking in time here and there but when the boys go back to school I will be able to do more.

I hope you find some time to create today!


New card: Blessings

gardenlady2I have had this beautiful digi from Mo’s Digital Pencil for some time now. As you know, I love to be in my garden and watch things grow. So I decided it was time to color her up. I used paper from two collections: Basic Grey’s Highline and Dear Lizzy’s Lucky Charm.  I also added some sequins and used my pearl pen to add a little more on top of each sequin. Can you guess where I got the vellum from? I actually had some left from the sheet I ran through the Silhoutte from my Project Life accents I made so instead of throwing them away, I took out a border punch and made a few. No waste in this craft room. I like how it softens the look.


Lately we have been spending long hours in the late afternoon and evening on our deck and I enjoy taking in the beauty of the garden but the sights and the sounds of the birds, butterflies and bumble bees rock  my world.  They are so amazing and they are a gift so I make sure to remind myself to take the time daily especially while the weather is nice.

I recently watched an amazing TED talk by Louie Schwartzberg, an amazing photographer and filmaker who captured the most beautiful time-lapsed photography in nature.  Then set it to film with a voice over that reminds us we are interconnected to nature and not to take it for granted. It is a blessing. That we should make gratitude a priority.


So when I looked for a sentiment for this card this video popped into my brain and  I found the perfect sentiment from my Autumn Blessings stamp from Flourishes.

I hope you can take time today to enjoy the beauty of nature and let gratitude warm your heart.



A Peek inside…things are happening!


Hello Everyone! Wow, did we have the most amazing storm last night. I came home from my book club meeting and then about a half hour later the sky opened up and the rain came down with so much force it started to flood a small area on our deck. Then came some thunder. It was pretty amazing.  I smiled thinking hmm no watering the grass tomorrow.  (It’s those little things you know?)

So what’s on my desk? Well I am redesigning my business model a bit and with that I am working on new product lines.  So you can see my lovely stick figure mock-ups.  I am using my Silhouette heavily for the new designs and really enjoying the process. I am also pulling out some of digi files that I haven’t used before to create some cool things.

My goal is to bring many of these designs to reality and put them up on Esty before the boys finish the school year.  As some of you may know, the end of the school year can become quite frantic.  So I will aim high and see what happens.

Well I am off to run some errands and then back to work.

Have a blessed day my friends.


The Finish Line Feels Great…

packagingWell I am back! I met my deadline for my custom project and completed all the cards and shipped them to my client last Friday.  It felt so good when I laid all the cards out on my worktable to see the project in it’s entirety. I almost wanted to keep them for me!! I enjoyed reaching the finish line and seeing the result of all the work.  I used my Silhouette, Copics, digi files, and a array of products to come up with new designs. I was pleased to be able to tie all of these different disciplines together to create the finished cards.  On the last week of work I was in the zone and feeling really happy to know I was meeting my deadline.

I can not reveal the cards I designed just yet because I will be creating many of them for my shop but as I release them, I will be sure to post pictures here on the blog.  This project completely took all of creative time from the shop to complete. I think I managed my time well considering the boy’s and their schedule.  I learned a lot of what I am capable of doing. I think this project was just what I needed to move me forward creatively because I was faced with pushing myself more to please the client verses  creating whatever I feel like for my shop. I also learned what I would like to change moving forward so I think it was a win-win for me in many ways.

Above is a picture of the box I decorated to store the cards for my client.  I often feel conflicted about the amount of paper used in my craft and how I may be impacting the environment. I mean let’s face it, I have more product than I can use.

So when I was planning this project, I found a way to recycle the box used to store the cards.  As you may recall from some of my past posts, I subscribe to a monthly beauty kit club. Each month I receive samples of the latest products from hair, skin to makeup even teas.  They come in these amazing boxes that are sturdy and lined with beautiful paper. I could never throw them away so I just keep them and when I started the planning process I knew my cards had to fit in the box.  So in order to fully repurpose the box, I added a doily and some butterflies and some bling and my card label to mask the kit name (I ended up adding more bling to disguise the clue under the doily – such a perfectionist!).  I then used my shipping box from my monthly Project Life kits to ship the box.  I used washi tape to decorate the top and added a label.

I know this is a small act but I felt happy to reuse these beautiful boxes sent to me.   I am definitely going to use them for future projects as well.

My plans, moving forward, are to work on some new products for my shop and prepare for summer break. I usually take part of July and all of August off from work.  So back to work for me. I will also resume my blogging schedule. So prepare to hear more from me.

I hope you all are well.

Have a blessed day!



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