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Hello lovely people. I’m back! I took the summer off and slowly getting my creative juices flowing for a new selling season. I decided last spring that I would take the summer off to spend time with my family, stress-free. Past summers, I would start out ok and then fall off work and stress the remainder of the summer about all the products I didn’t make. My oldest son also headed off to college last weekend and I wanted to make sure I was available to be with him during his last summer before leaving home.


Yesterday, I went back into my craft room to begin planning for re-opening my shop. I had to check my inventory and see how many WIPs (Works in Progess) I had put aside last spring. I tried to identify which projects I still wanted to complete and plan production and release dates. I decided to work one month at a time because my life has changed drastically since I last posted.

quality check

We brought a new puppy, Ella into our family in April. So naturally, our lives had to adjust but I have to say, I have no regrets. We all fell in love quite quickly. As I mentioned earlier, my oldest son is now in college. So we are making adjustments with Ella to compensate for the loss of additional help. It also feels strange having only 3 people in our home instead of 4. We are a team so I am definitely happy and heartbroken at the same time.


Now for the exciting news. I am re-opening Belinda’s Crafts (Etsy shop) today and I am running a back-to-school sale with 15% off my entire inventory. So snag a few cards if you are so inclined.

I will also be releasing some new products over the coming weeks so be sure to check often. I will announce new products here, on Instagram and if you made my shop a favorite, you will get new product releases in your feed.

Have a lovely day!

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