30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 20 Quick coloring of a princess

logoHello everybody! It’s Wednesday and I don’t know about you but it’s a dreary, cold, rainy day over here. I would love to curl under my favorite blanket with tea and a book but work calls me. I’m on cup number 2 of some delicious lemon green tea (shh..don’t tell my dentist) and the day isn’t even half over. Oh boy!

So I have a big list of things to do for work today so my coloring session was shorter than I had hoped. I printed up the cutest digi from Faery Ink. I discovered her amazing art on Instagram and have been a great fan since. Her stamps are so cute and really fun to color. So you will be seeing more here on my site as I begin to play with them more. For today’s image, I selected Princess of Hearts Fable and began coloring her.

day20aFirst thing I did was bring her cuteness into Silhouette and then started brainstorming the message I wanted her to convey on a card. Then I searched my quotes collection and then I designed the cover with the words Be you.  If you come back tomorrow, I will share the very beautiful sentiment I used for the inside of the card once I complete coloring.

day20bAs usual I started coloring the skin and hair first. I didn’t intend on having the highlights but then decided to leave them. Some days I can pick colors quickly and then other days, I struggle. Today was the later and I finally decided to color the chair cushions with the other color I was thinking about.

day20cIt was kind of regal so I thought that shade of blue worked. But then I am stumped on the hearts, her tights and shoes so I will pause here and return to it tomorrow with a fresh perspective to complete this card.

Happy coloring everyone!


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