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Fun Halloween Decor

halloweendecor1Uh oh…I apologize for the email spam yesterday for those who subscribe. I was shutting down my computer yesterday and accidentally posted the rough draft of this post. I quickly pulled it before it went live but unfortunately, I can’t stop the email once they are sent.

Any way, ditch that old email and check out this post which actually has some photos. I have a great area in my craft room where I often display photos, my boy’s artwork and seasonal décor. I decided that I needed some Halloween pieces so I headed over to my Silhouette and cut out these cuties. Joan would be pleased that I assembled them without assistance. She is one of my crafty friends that laughs because I always have some craft assembly project that puzzles me and I ask for her help.


One of the great things about having my Silhouette is I can whip up things fairly fast to display in the house. So it will be fun to see the boys notice this little Halloween village when they enter my craft room.

I hope you all are having a blessed day!


Happy Monday – October 10

breakfastHello happy Monday!! What? You thought I forgot you? No, I didn’t honest, I didn’t forget. Today the boys are home from school so our schedule was a bit different. I had to run some morning errands and now I am finally sitting down to wish you a happy start to your week.
I am very happy today for many reasons, for one, Leao made it home safely from his business trip in North Carolina,  and my family in Florida are safe after this treacherous storm. But I still have prayers for all the people of Haiti and other areas that have been completely devastated by this storm.

I am also happy for the long weekend with my boys, poor Leao had to work. Let’s see, oh and my quarterback has returned to my football team and they rocked it out of the park yesterday. I managed to finish another book and just started one of the amazing books I received on my birthday. So I am feeling good about reading what I own.

The sun is shining bright today and I spent a little while reading on the deck. I will squeeze out a few more sessions before the weather gets too cold and then off to my reading nook for the winter!

I paid to have a signed poster of Nick’s frames for him on his birthday and today we went to pick it up. He was so surprised. I will be sure to share a photo once we hang it in his room.

I spent time reading with Apollo today for his latest book report and reading comics with Nick. He scored big on Saturday when we went to a neighboring town for breakfast (that would be the yummy photo of my breakfast above!)and when we went to leave, we saw a comic book store he always wanted to visit. So he stocked up on some favorites. So he has been catching me up.

I hope you all have a good day and I hope the week brings you something to smile about.



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