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Treat Yourself Tuesday!


Good morning Everyone! It’s Tuesday and this morning I skipped my usual green tea with lemon with my breakfast so that after I dropped off the boys I could head on over to Starbucks.

I decided today is going to be a Treat Yourself Tuesday (TYT)! ┬áSo I ordered a yummy 2 pump soy Chai tea and The New York Times. It might not seem like much to some of you but because I have small children in the home, I do not watch the news and I’m sleeping before the late news broadcast, so I miss a lot of the daily happenings as well as world events. So this 20 minutes with the The New York Times was fantastic.

As for my chai tea, anyone that has had one, will know it is always a treat to drink one. I have tried to cut back on them since the calories are not in my favor which makes today a real treat when I do indulge.

I came home and treated myself to 20 minutes of tea and news catch up before work. I think I am going to have to make TYT a regular habit. We all need to find even 10 minutes to treat ourselves to something nice. So I challenge you to find 10-20 minutes today and do just that. Come on, I know you can do it.

Have a blessed day friends.



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