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And the Winner is…

Me!! It is safe to say, I am not very lucky when it comes to games that involve chance. Because of that, I tend to witness others (like my sister) win big on scratch tickets while sitting on the sidelines. At carnivals I rarely take the chance to win at any of the games like ring toss.  So when my LSS started this ‘Spin the Wheel’ when you spend a certain amount of money at the store, I would spin each week because no loss was involved. I already spent money on good craft goodies so what the heck!  Well after week’s of hopeless spinning and losing, I won!!

Me taking the chance!

The beauty is I was at a crop night with my girlfriends and they all knew that the win must be documented or else I would be creating crafting blasphemy if I didn’t. So my girlfriend Joan took  the photo of me and the wheel. What did I win did you say?  A $20 gift certificate to use on my next visit. But more than the money (which I was pleased to take), I got to experience the thrill of winning a game of chance.  Very fun. Don’t hold your breath on me going to the Casino’s anytime soon, I haven’t quite turned that corner!

And the Winner is Me!!



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