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Fun Photos Friday – #1

Apollo's visit to the dentist

So I thought I would pick one or two fun photos each week to share with you all.

This week’s photos are from Apollo’s recent trip to the dentist. He always enjoys going to the dentist however this time I suspected would be a little different.  Since he just had his adenoid surgery a week ago, I know the experience was fresh in his mind.  He had a pretty hard time with the anestisia.

Apollo putting his name (on paper tooth) up on the wall

Initially, he did well as the hygentist chatted with him and began counting his teeth. Then she moved on to his cleaning with the electric toothbrush and I could visually see his face change and fear took over. He started to cry and I stood up so he could see me and comforted him while she completed the process. She decided he could wait until next visit for x-rays since this would give him more time to move past the feelings and memories of his surgery.

He became happy when she gave him a new toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and chapstick. He loves chapstick.  At the very end of the session they have a cool process that they write his name on a paper tooth and he can select where on the wall he wants to put it and stick it there.

I am so proud of him, because he really tried to keep it together and we made it through it.  My brave boy!

What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday – #151


Hello, and welcome to my first post for WOYWW.  I have been finding inspiration peeking into other crafter’s desks for a few weeks now and wanted to join in on the fun.  So here is a peek at what I am working on this week. I have fallen for the stamps at Flourishes. They have so much detail and they work lovely with copic markers.  I just recently purchased a Silhoutte and used my new die to cut out the pretty shapes. I plan to use them on some cards for Belinda’s Crafts, my Etsy store.

Rain…It’s finally raining!!!


I can’t believe I could be so excited about rain but after the winter with very little snow and the spring with no rain, as an avid gardener, this is a sight for sore eyes. All the shrubs and plants are sighing with joy right now. Nothing is drooping anymore.



There is something special about rain on the plants that is so much fun to capture. I love to see all the raindrops clinging to the flowers. I am the crazy lady that runs out after the rain and takes pictures of my plants.


I hope you enjoy seeing these photos I took today after our oh so welcome rain showers. I would love to see your pictures.

Preparing this year’s vegetable garden

Leao and dad preparing one of the vegetable beds

Well this week, the weather was agreeable so I took the opportunity to get started on my vegetable beds.  Leao made three of them for me last year which was my first try at vegetable gardening.  I really enjoyed it and established a new found respect at all the vegetable gardener’s in the world. So after Leao and my father-in-law worked the soil for me, my mother-in-law and I planted seeds and a few plants.

Last year when Leao built the beds for me I told him I wanted to try the Square Foot Gardening method. He built me three 3′ x 8′ raised beds. So this year it was only a matter of amending the soil before putting in my plants.  So it was a lot easier.  I am trying my hand at more seeds this year so we will find out what happens.

Mom in the flower garden

My mother-in-law helped me with one of my flowerbeds while we waited for Leao and dad to finish preparing the vegetable beds. I bought a few annuals to tuck in my raised bed in the back yard. She didn’t know I took this picture but I think it is such a pretty shot of her. Her clothes even match the flowers.


Nicholas watering vegetable beds


Nicholas even helped by watering the beds after the seeds were planted. He doesn’t often choose to participate but the new garden attachment was too much for him to resist.

I planted some new vegetables this year along with the favorites. I really wanted to grow some Bok Choy and never saw the full plant before only what I by at the market so I was thrilled when one of my favorite garden center’s had the plants available for purchase. The leaves are so pretty and they have a pretty little yellow flower on the top.

If I am successful this year, I will plan for more next year.  I have always loved gardening. My mum had amazing gardens and knew so much. She really instilled in me the appreciation and respect for nature. I was always intimidated to start a vegetable garden. I have had great success with my flower gardens but vegetables seemed to be something on a new level. But last year I took the plunge and never looked back.  So much fun and such a yummy result, I don’t know why I hadn’t started vegetable gardening sooner.


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