Winter storm


This is the aftermath of yesterday’s snow storm.  A foot of snow!  Yes that is our cars almost buried. I took this in the morning from my bedroom and it came down all day and a few more inches were added to this.  So another fun snow day for the boys. I do love snow days. It’s just the shoveling that I am not so thrilled with.  It was fun watching the pretty flakes fall but then reality set in that I would have to put on my boots and get out there yanked me from my ‘happy place’.  I took the back walk and cleared the cars. Leao the front walk, stairs and front drive.  Our plow guy had to come two times to clear way the big stuff for us.

So it was pretty much a hang out in your pajamas and play day for the boys and back to school today.  So I am finally back at my craft table.

Have a blessed day!



  1. That is a lot of snow. We got ice so our trees are glistening in the snow that we already had. I do love winter and the snow. It’s so much prettier than rain. 🙂 Hope you were able to get it shoveled easily. April

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