What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday #562

on my desk…

For those of you that aren’t familiar with WOYWW (What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday), head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world where we get to snoop on other crafter’s desks.

Hello, my crafty friends! I hope you all are well. This lovely desk hop and snoop is a perfect activity in these uncertain times we find ourselves. I am seeking all the pleasant distractions I can get while hunkering down at home. So let’s talk about what I am up to today. I am late posting because I actually got a little caught up crafting before taking these photos. On my desk, you will see I pulled out my goodies to complete this page in my traveler’s journal.

left-side of my desk

On the left you can see the container I am keeping some of my supplies while working on this scrapbook. I found the bag of wooden stars and hearts while peeking into my messy craft closet. Yes, you heard right, I peeked in there. I plan on tackling that closet over the next week so stay tuned for a reveal. In the meantime, I am using what supplies are in my craft room.

middle of my desk.

You might have noticed I don’t have my black Tim Holtz glass mat on my desk. I had to take it off while re-gluing one of the rubber pads that are on the bottom. It kept coming off so I decided I better glue it before I lose it. So it’s drying in the corner and I pulled out my pink cutting mat.

right side of my desk.

I do have two new items to share. I bought this great alpha stamp set and coordinating numbers from Feed Your Craft. They will be perfect to stamp titles in each of my journals. The font is really pretty to me. I haven’t bought letter stickers for a very long time. But I came across this gorgeous packet from Simple Stories. It has so many pretty colors and two different sizes of each color. So I can’t wait to use them in the journals. You can see my breakfast on the right – steel cut oats, banana slices, blueberries, bare naked granola and as if that is not enough I top that with candied pecans!! Yummy!!!

close-ups of Nuvo drops.

I am still loving my Nuvo drops. On this layout, I tried to match the color of the sunrise. I have this set aside on my desk to dry completely before I close it. I think they look so pretty.

final layout.

Here is my first layout. I used my computer to type out my journaling and I used some of my ephemera to add additional accents to the layout. I can’t wait for the drops to dry so I can work on another page.

But looking at this photo makes me a little sad today when I hear that there will be an extension of the school’s closure dates. Originally they said April 7th but now it looks like it will span the entire month of April. My boys are on video chats with their teachers today so hopefully, they will be able to continue to educate during these uncertain times. I am glad they are still giving assignments because my boys need to be busy so they won’t start to stress about the isolation.

I am taking this time to do some spring cleaning, read, craft, listen to my favorite podcasts and love on my family. I will be doing some snooping today and over the next few days.

I pray you all to stay well and indulge in some regular self-care.



  1. Hi Belinda, good to hear the schools are video teaching, kids getting bored would make this isolating much worse. Love the layout, and the Nuvo drops look a great match.Stay safe, have a good week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

  2. Oh you do have some lovely things on your desktoday, so pretty! Hope your boys will enjoy the extended holiday but it’ll be tough not knowing when they’ll go back.
    Hugs LLJ 8 xx

  3. schools here have just been told they’re closing for the foreseeable future… just waiting to be told no-one is allowed to go to work.. stay safe and happy crafting! Helen #3

  4. Hi Belinda, nice busy desk today. I hope all schools manage something for the children or I fear they will soon get fed up being in the house all day and then what next! Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x12x

  5. Love your busy desk. Schools are closed in Arizona through the end of the March when the situation will be re-evaluated. Lots of businesses, churches, and more closed or limited in open times, etc.
    Anyway, your breakfast looks wonderful!
    Have a great week and thanks for popping by!
    Carol N #24

  6. Your desk looks absolutely gorgeous, Belinda, with everything coordinating with the pretty pink mat! It also looks very industrious and productive, with lots of lovely new stamps and things. It is good to know that the kids can have contact with the teachers during the school closure time. My main concern at the moment is getting food because of all the panic buying. I have to order online and all the delivery slots are being snatched up. My hubby is going to Sainsbury’s tomorrow in the early morning special opening for the over 70s so he can pick up the stuff Tesco has run out of. I wish people wouldn’t be so greedy and selfish – there’s a lot of unpleasantness around when we should all be pulling together and building up a community spirit.

    Thank you for visiting, and for your lovely comments especially about the garden, and the food! I really enjoy cooking good wholesome food that also tastes good! It’s sad that just after my hubby started at his weight loss group, the group has closed, but he’s keeping up with his records and doing a weekly weigh-in at home! Let’s hope this crisis is soon at an end and we can get back to normal again.

    Happy WOYWW, and keep well and safe!
    Shoshi x #22

  7. A great desk Belinda and the journal pages look cool too. I like the toning in of the butterfly and Nuvo drops with the photo. Hope you and your boys aren’t too stressed. we have been busy getting assignments and online learning sorted for pupils before schools shut here in the UK. Happy WOYWW. Stay safe. Sarah #2
    PS It is 563, Julia posted 561 twice in a row lol.

  8. Pretty in Pink is how I would describe your desk as that is the dominant color and it looks so nice. That breakfast looks oh so good, I could just eat a bowl full, please share with me,
    Your journal page is looking very nice with the photo and then addition of the butterfly – those Nuvo drops match perfectly and look so good sitting there.
    Hope it is not too stressful having the boys home, I wonder how parents who go to work are going to cope – hopefully they will get sent home too.
    Let’s keep crafting in these worrying times.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  9. sandra de says

    Lovely layouts and colours you have chosen. Our schools are still open and that in itself is causing stress for families. Hope all goes well with your boys. Stay safe and keep crafting.
    sandra de 24

  10. And there was I thinking you were trying to eat your scraps, or some odd pot-pourri! ou have the right idea about the isolation, lets face it, in normal years, we’d all have given anything for a few weeks at home to get things done and be together….. Your journal age is ace, pretty and reflective. I’m a Nuevo fan…have started making them in fives of different sizes on a non stick sheet and then peeling them off and gluing them as required. I’m a bit impatient on the waiting for things to dry thing, as you know..!

  11. Hi Belinda. That page is looking lovely – enjoy the next one! Good to hear your boys are in touch with their teachers. The schools here in Britain all close for the foreseeable future tomorrow. My grandchildren will be thrilled to have the opportunity of a lie in! They do have to be up rather early for the bus. The eldest is doing a year of teacher assistant – and has some challenging pupils, so will be really grateful for the break. It is hard though. They won’t have the same contact with their friends.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  12. Heather Marshall says

    Hi Belinda, love your desk – lots of goodies on it, and the journal looks great. I can imagine it’s a worrying time for anyone with school age children, not knowing when the schools will re-open, and wondering how on earth to keep them focused on school work at home for an indefinite period. I hope you all stay safe and well. Have a lovely week Heather xx #13

  13. Debbie Rock says

    Thanks for popping by my blog this week … so sorry my reply is late – had a total meltdown yesterday having to turn away my five year old great-nephew when his mommy left us some fruit and bread in the porch and I had to look into his beautiful big blue eyes through the letterbox when he asked to come in and I had to say “not today” – it just broke my heart and I think I cried non-stop for eight hours!
    I love all the wonderful things on your desk – isn’t it amazing how all our desks can be so different yet so similar too … all those wonderful products we get to mess around with. Keep safe and Happy WOYWW’ing. Love Debbie xXx

  14. Your desk looks nice and busy! The travel journal is coming along nicely, I love those dots! Good choice on the letter stamps and stickers! I am grateful, in all of this, that I don’t have to worry about children as well, I am glad yours are keeping busy. Here in Canada they are talking about school not returning until September! Hopefully life will be back to normal by then. Thanks for your visit to mine, and have a great week! Lindart #26

  15. Carolyn Staton says

    That really is a gorgeously busy desk and I love the final journal page/ Take care my friend. Happy belated WOYWW. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#14)

  16. Lovely to see your pages so colour co-ordinated i’ll keep my fingers crossed that you manage to peep into that cupboard and sort out some of your stash, you’ll find lots of treasure i’m sure. Isn’t it fabulous that schooling can still continue with the technology we have today, may it continue until these uncertain times pass.
    Stay safe & creative.. happy woyww Tracey #10

  17. Hi Belinda!
    first time visitor to your blog. You have a lovely space here. I’ll be sure to return more often. I like the idea of a TN journal that you actually use to document travel/ excursions LOL So many these days are in conjunction with planners. I might have to rethink my journal challenge project for this month. It’s due in 8 days and I’ve yet to start LOL C
    Hubby made it home safe and sound. We alternate between doing our own thing, playing cards and watching tv. We all so got this! Good luck with the boys. Creative Blessings! Kelly #25

  18. Shaz in Oz.x says

    Ooohhh that cupboard, or closet yes Belinda know what you mean! Great work on your travel diary though!
    Lovely desky share sorry I’m so late and brief.
    Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too, especially in these troubled times, may we look up in faith! Praying you’re all kept well too!
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

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