What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday – #470

Good morning my crafty WOYWW friends! For those of you that aren’t familiar with WOYWW (What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday),  head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday where we get to snoop on other crafter’s desks.

I missed out on last week’s rounds so I thought I would try to pop in this week. It’s cloudy and a bit shaded outside so my morning photos aren’t the best but at least you can see what’s happening over here.

In the middle of my desk, you will see the components of a 3D camper. I cut them out yesterday on my Silhouette and once assembled, I will post a few pictures of it. I found it in the Silhouette store and instantly fell in love.

To the right is my WeRMemory Keepers Pinwheel punch. I bought a few years back when all the hype was about and never used it much. But my son has a science project and he asked me to buy him a pinwheel. I said, “Never fear, your crafty mom is here!!” He looked at me like I was mad and I told him I could make him one in varying sizes. So that is my task today.  To the right of that is the “In My Garden” coloring book I shared with you last week. I am participating in a 30-day coloring challenge and thought I could use more incentive to play in my coloring books.

On the left is a receipt from garden shopping. I keep track of my gardening expenses each year. The garden geek in me is revealed. I bought some great plants with my father-in-law last week. Take a peek.

Next to the receipt is my latest bargain. I was looking for supplies with my son for his science project at our local craft store and I found these beauties on clearance for $2.50 each. I am thrilled. I can use them in my bullet journal, or scrapbooking when I finally return to that love of mine.

You might also see the red and white invite for me to attend my son’s stepping up ceremony from 8th to 9th grade. I am one proud mom and can’t wait.

Well enough about me and my crazy happenings. I will be visiting you all over the next 2 days. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Have a crafty day!



  1. Nice bargain find Belinda. Glad the pinwheel punch is finally coming in useful. Look forward to seeing the finished camper. Have a good week. Sarah #4

  2. HI Belinda, great score with those stamps. And it will be great for your son to see how to make a pinwheel too. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #19 X

  3. Love the stamps.. what a bargain!!
    Pinwheel still ROCK my world.. I hope your son will help you put them together 🙂

    Sumbunneh hugs x
    Erika #7

  4. Hi Belinda, interesting collection of stuff on your desk today. Well done to your son. I think the way children move up in your country is different to the UK. Look forward to seeing the finished camper too. Have a great woyww and a happy creative week, Angela x16x

  5. You have a LOT going on at your desk. I love how you are so willing to help your son with his science projects. Good for you. I’ve not heard of a stepping up program, but I’d love to know more about it. When I graduated from 8th to 9th grade, they didn’t have ceremonies. Now the kids where I live in KS graduate from 6th to 7th, 8th to 9th, and from high school. Happy WOYWW from #2.

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