Up Close and Personal with Animation

One of my friends told me about a new exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science that she thought my boys would be interested to see so last Monday, Leao and I took them to the museum to see it. It is called, “The Science Behind Pixar”. The boys were so thrilled when I told them we were going to see this exhibit. They both love Pixar movies and looked forward to some hands-on experiences.  I too, was excited to learn more about the people behind the magic.

pixar2The boys loved it and I was very impressed with the layout and organization of this exhibit. There was so much to see and learn that honestly, I think we could go again and learn more.  I liked that they had hands-on activities. It help to break up the amount of information for the boys. I know that Leao and I definitely found the video segments with different staff people facinating. The boys watched a few but loved the hands-on. That’s why I think there is plenty more for them to learn.

pixar3We arrived around 1 and it was actually perfect. No huge crowds and after all of our exhibits we headed to the cafe and had a great window seat overlooking the Charles River.  What a treat. Then of course they boys had to go to the gift shop.  Despite some of the overpriced goods, I do enjoy seeing the things they have in stock.

pixar1There was a good amount of life-size characters to pose with. I of course found Sully from Monster’s University and Apollo found Dory. We even renewed our membership so that we will be better about going more frequently. Summer is so special because it takes away some of our crazy scheduling to allow for more fun outings. I look forward to many more.

Have a blessed day friends!


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