Unmasking Maya by Libby Mercer

Unmasking MayaHello! Welcome to another Belinda’s Book Nook Review.  Today I part from my historical fiction to a light romance. The book is called “Unmasking Maya” written by Libby Mercer. This is my first Mercer book.

I downloading this book on my nook a while back but decided to take a peek yesterday while at pick up for the boys at school. I tend to go about 45 minutes early to secure a good spot (pathetic I know) and to get some reading in. So I began to read and you know how good books draw you in and the surrounding sounds begin to fade and all you are left with is the characters and you are there? Well usually I hear all the cars arriving or the middle-schoolers cutting through since they get out earlier than elementary students.  I did not look up once. I was completely absorbed.

I enjoyed Maya’s character a great deal. She was fun and to watch in the different scenarios and I liked the way Derek was introduced in the book. As I said, this book is a stray from my usual historical fiction or mystery although there was a little mystery in this book.  As I have gotten older, I often like historical fictions because I can still have fun and feel like I am still using my time to learn something.

But I also believe that books like this give you the escape that is pure fun even if predictable.  I liked all the characters in the book and of course was on the edge of my seat at pick up waiting for sparks to fly.  I somehow managed to tear myself away and get the boys on time then quickly drove home and after they had their snacks, I dove back in for round two and can I tell you again, everything faded around me (and that’s tough to do with two young boys in the house) and finished the book.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and would recommend it as  fun beach read type of book.

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