The package

Ok I have to share something that happened that I think is very funny over winter break.  I shall set the scene:  I was on the was on the telephone with my sister-in-law talking and I heard the mailman going down our stairs. So I rushed to the door because I had several orders I somewhat patiently was waiting for arrival.  I see this huge box and start thinking of what I ordered this large.

I was so excited to receive a package but not sure what it was.

So I rush to the kitchen and open the box.

I ordered some stamps from Amazon and it was coming from a third party vendor.

I am not sure what happened but these three stamps could have been mailed to me in a mailer. Instead it arrived at my doorstep in this huge box.

Some perspective of how small these stamps are.

Such a waste of a very large box! I laughed so hard and then I had to take a picture of this madness.

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