Who says Starbucks doesn’t rock?

My two Soy Chai Lattes!!

My two Soy Chai Lattes!!

I am always impressed with the customer service at Starbucks. In my experiences they have gone out of their way to make me feel special when something goes wrong.  Like sometimes if I order at the drive thru and the wait is long, when I reach the window to pick it up they give it to me free.

But today, I ordered an iced 2-pump Soy Chai since I wanted something cool today. I got to the window and she began to hand out a hot chai latte. I told her I ordered iced and she apologized and had the person make another but iced and handed it to me. Then she said, “Would you like the hot one? We will toss otherwise?” I told her yes (I am not crazy). I drank the hot and put the iced in my refrigerator for later pleasures.

I am one happy person today!  Tea is my zen.

Have a blessed day!



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