Belinda’s Book Nook: Free Sujata Massey e-book for 2 Days only

Hello! I just found out that one of Sujata Massey’s e-books is on sale for two days only.

I love finding a good deal on books and free is as good as it gets. So when I found out I thought I would share it with you.

Convenience Boy and Other Stories of Japan (Rei Shimura Series) by Sujata Massey

A collection of Rei Shimura stories previously published in paper form by Sujata Massey. In this mini-book, Rei Shimura solves 3 very different mysteries. The title story, “The Convenience Boy,” tests Japanese romantic rituals in an unexpectedly humorous way. “Junior High Samurai” sends Rei back to her teaching roots as she becomes entwined in a bullying incident. “The Deepest Blue” is a poignant exploration of the conflict between family love and ambition. This 50-page trilogy is a must for anyone who wants everything related to Rei Shimura.

You can download it for free today and tomorrow at amazon here.

I hope you had a blessed MLK day today!

Happy Reading!


Cyber deals! New Copics!

My new Copics markers.

My new Copics markers.

I buy most of my Copic markers online from one store: Carpe Diem Store.  They have the best prices and if you order a bunch you can have free shipping.  So when they sent me an email with markers on sale for $4.19 each I almost cried.

Most people search for big electronics on Black Friday and I search for craft deals.  I had put my purchasing of markers on hold for a while.  But the deal was too good to pass on and I really needed to get more colors to add to my collection.

They arrived today and I always add them to my color chart to see how far I have to go to complete the set.  I like looking at them before I put them in my carrying case. It’s a little ritual.

I look forward to using them on my future projects.

Happy deal hunting!





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