Haulin’ It!! — Patterned paper

march2015paperhaulAI am working on a project for my son’s class to pick up a few things and then I came across one of those sales that you can’t pass up. The 12×12 paper pads that are normally $19.99 were on sale for $5.99. That’s the price I pay for 6×6 pads. So needless to say, three pads jumped into my basket.  I thought I would share a few pages that I really liked at of each pad.  Since sometimes it’s hard to know from just the picture of the covers of them.

march2015paperhaulBCome on…teacups, you know I had to have this paper. I love the pastel colors. I could even simply cut one out and put on the front of a card.

march2015paperhaulCThis one makes me think of pretty wrapping paper. It’s prettier in person.

march2015paperhaulDButterflies..need I say more. Ok for those who don’t know me, I love butterflies and elephants. So if a craft product has either, I must have it.

march2015paperhaulEThere are also some pretty vibrant colors included too that will be great for some of my summer projects.

march2015paperhaulGCan’t get enough of floral patterns.  Will look pretty on a card or a home decor project.

march2015paperhaulIAnd finally what would spring projects be without umbrellas? So happy this page was included.

So that’s it for my patterned paper haul from Michael’s. If you get a chance to pick them up, I think they are worth the money.


AC Moore Haul: Amazing paper sale

ACMooreApril2014aHello! I must first give you the background so that you will find me innocent in ‘the case of a craft shopaholic’!  Yesterday, I took the boys to lunch and to the movies.  I recently signed up for an online watercolor for cardmakers.  It sounded like something that can help expand my product offerings on Etsy. So I parked my car near AC Moore with the intention of buying one of the water color sets recommended on the syllabus.  However, on my way to the arts section, I saw this…A Managers’ Special. Those yellow labels popped and I looked and then I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy 12×12 pads of paper for $6.88.  That would simply be insane.  So I loaded one into my cart.  Then I turned and saw 6×6 pads being sold for $2.99.  I could not resist. They are what I use for my cards. So I loaded up the cart. Mind you, I have yet to reach the art section to pick up my watercolor set. After stuffing many pads in my cart, I managed to find the art section and locate the water color set.

ACMooreApril2014bSo that little watercolor set in the middle is what I originally went in for and the pile beneath is my actual purchase.

I have yet to get my video process ready so I thought I would share pictures of the pads of paper I selected and show you two of my favorite papers in each:


This pad has been around for a bit but for $2.99, I thought the time was right to add it to my collection. My two favorite papers in it are:

ACMooreApril2014e ACMooreApril2014fThe next paper pad I bought was the brand new Maggie Holmes ‘Style Board’.  I love the colors she uses on her papers.

ACMooreApril2014gMy favorite two papers are:

ACMooreApril2014h ACMooreApril2014iThe next pad of paper I bought was Front Porch by Pebbles.

ACMooreApril2014jMy favorite pages of this pad are:

ACMooreApril2014k ACMooreApril2014lI could see me using these little phrases on cards. My next paper pad that made it into my shopping cart is Studio Callico’s Wanderlust.

ACMooreApril2014mTheir products seem to be popping up everywhere. Here are my two favorite papers in this pad:

ACMooreApril2014n ACMooreApril2014o

I can see me wanting to ‘hoard’ this colored wood grain paper. The last 6×6 next paper pad is from Dear Lizzy’s Polka Dot Party.

ACMooreApril2014pI own some Dear Lizzy paper and this one will be a nice addition. My favorite papers in this pad (I bet you can guess one of them!):

ACMooreApril2014q ACMooreApril2014rYup..the butterflies paper and this one is so cute that can be used on Valentine’s or just a regular love themed card.

The 12 x 12 paper pad I selected at this amazing price was Dear Lizzy’s Day Dreamer.


My favorite two papers in this collection is:



I have something for the colored dots. They are so vibrant and who could resist the bicycles?

Ok… so what do you think? Crazy Shopaholic or Savvy Crafty Shopper? (And if my husband is reading, he should refrain from weigh in on the matter!)

Have a blessed day friends!



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