One Little Word 2018

It’s that time of year for me to select my word for the One Little Word workshop with Ali Edwards. Each year I choose a word that I want to keep present in my life throughout the year and then I participate in the monthly prompts she provides. I am not always successful at completing the prompts but I really enjoy the check-in videos she provides because life sometimes swallows me up and I lose sight of my word so her monthly videos pull me back to focus.

In years past, I have always had a rather easy time choosing my word. This past Sunday, I was making my tea and thinking, wow, where is my word? I don’t have one. It’s already a week into January. Then I sat down to watch an old episode of Super Soul Sunday (SSS) with Oprah and her guest was the author (William P. Young) of the book, “The Shack” (which has also been made into a movie). I always take notes when I watch SSS and this episode was no different. But at one point he made a statement that pulled me right in. He said, “I think the process of transformation is not about becoming something that we weren’t. It’s about unveiling what we were the whole time.” And he said: “Allow yourself to fall into trust.” I had to pause the show (yes, I DVR all the episodes) because I immediately knew the word, “trust” would be my 2018 OLW.

Now I can go listen to the first video prompt. I will try to share some of the exercises as I complete them. Some are journaling some are more art-based exercises. I hope to do better this year with the prompts and sharing my journey on this blog.

Have a blessed day my friends!


One Little Word 2017

Hello everyone today I thought I would share with you one of the projects I’ll be working on throughout this year. The project is called One Little Word and if you followed me on this website you already know a little bit about this project so some of this will be a bit of a repeat. But for those of you that are new, let me just give you a little brief synopsis. Ali Edwards, a well-known paper crafter extraordinaire for many many years now has a website where she shares her home life, crafty projects, a storefront to sell her products and online workshops. I have followed her throughout her journey from way back when there used to be Creating Keepsakes Magazine where she used to write a monthly feature. Since then she has evolved into more of an online presence.

Back to OLW, well each year she hosts a class/workshop to encourage people to select one word that they will keep with them for the whole year and work through that word to bring about change in their life. I’ve been participating in this workshop for several years. Some years I’m successful and make it through a good portion of the monthly prompts and others … not so much.  Each month she provides a video prompt with either a creative or writing exercise to keep your word in the forefront.

One thing that I’ve learned is that I usually end up beating myself up at the end of the year because I didn’t complete each of her monthly prompts. This year I’m gonna let go of that expectation and see what happens. If I miss a few months the world won’t come to an end.

As usual, I will attempt to bring you along on the journey with me in hopes to inspire you to potentially pick a word for yourself or just to allow you to see how it works out for me. For January, I needed to select a word and work through some worksheets. The first exercise gives you an opportunity to define the word and to think about areas in your life that you would like the word to impact. I’m continuing to use the same album that I use last year because I feel like there’s no need to buy a whole new album him to complete the prompts some of the props are in a writing prompt some of them are creative.I’m continuing to use the same album that I used last year because I feel like there’s no need to buy a whole new album when there is plenty of room and I really liked working in this size album.
The word that I selected for this year is ‘authentic’. I chose the word authentic because I feel it is something I dance around from time to time in my life. It seems like an easy thing to be, yourself, but so many things influence the way we present ourselves. From the desire to be perceived in a wonderful way to habits we create for ourselves based on our experiences. I want to explore how I can become more authentic in all areas of my life and witness my life bloom from this shift.I used my Silhouette again to design my own cards to complete this months’ prompts. I have been doing pretty good this month putting my word in the forefront of my mind.I’ll be back next month to reflect on my progress and share my February prompts.

Have a blessed day!


My Word for 2014

My word for 2014 is listen. I am taking the One Little Word workshop for I believe the third year.  It’s a great online workshop that encourages you to pick a word for the year and each month she provides you with prompts to help keep the word present in your life. [Read more…]


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