Happy Monday!!


Hello! I hope you are feeling recharged and ready for a glorious week. By the looks of my desk, which I decided to share a few pictures, you will see have a little tidying to do before I get down to business.  I think of my desk like my bed. When I make my bed in the morning it gives me a little boost for the day. Something about the quick check off of the list and seeing it made when I go to bed at night makes me less stressed.

So when I looked at my messy desk this morning, I was blocked from my creativity by the stress of tidying before work. Which gave me the idea to take a photo and share with you all before I begin my day. Especially since lately, I have been feeling the negative energy from looking at Instagram and the “fabled” lives we all portray on there.  I mean, I need to start sharing my overflowing laundry room again and the huge pile of clutter on my dining room table or the not so successful new meal I tried making.


I know, I started this off talking about a glorious week and I still believe that to be true but also know that I must set the stage for myself each day to obtain my goals and my happiness. Just as the bed must be made, I must tidy up my desk at the end of the day so my return is a positive experience.  Those little things add up don’t they?

I did have a fabulous weekend with family and we bought a pool for our back yard last week that we spent many hours in together. I will write a post tomorrow to recap the fun times. In the meantime, I am going to go tidy this desk so I can play around with some new products I have (I will share this in a future post as well.).

Have a blessed day!



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