Write On Update

writeon1At first I thought of making all of my cards for this WriteOn challenge and then I realized it would be cutting too far into my work schedule so I ran out to find some cute cards to use to write my 30 letters. I found all these beauties at TJ Maxx. I have always looked at the card selections there because they get really great brands and sell them at a really good price.

writeon5I even think I will use the clever box designs and try to recreate them with my Silhouette. I am always looking for the challenge. The butterfly one on the left even has a magnetic closure which I will definitely be incorporating into a future project.

writeon4I began writing a list of potential recipients and will check them off as I mail them a letter. I am sad to say that I don’t buy books of stamps as often as I would like. Despite my complaints that I don’t want Post Offices closing, while preparing for this challenge I realize that I don’t do enough to ensure that doesn’t happen. And that means using their services more regularly and buying more stamps. I can’t imagine not having post offices anymore than I can seeing our libraries disappear.  So this challenge will help me put action to my beliefs.

I found these lovely floral stamps and they are almost too pretty to mail (there goes that hoarder talking)!

writeon2I love this card because the flowers are dimensional and the envelope is in pretty colors too.

I sat and began writing and let me tell you, I don’t write as much and for very long when I do so I am embarrassed to say, that my hand actually began aching. However, I pushed on and wrote two letters.

writeon3Apollo even joined in and mailed his first letter for the month. Today I will write another. I am liking that the recipients won’t be expecting anything from me so that makes it more special.

I hope you find a time to send a letter to someone this month. Think how happy they will be to receive it and it only costs you the price of a postage stamp.


#WriteOn campaign

ATC1Today I mailed off the March ATCs from my monthly ATC Swap. I love knowing that I am a part of this fun and also that I can send off some happy mail to some of my crafty girlfriends.

April is National Letter Writing month. I enjoy receiving mail and miss receiving hand-written letters in the mail. Email and texting seems to dominate the norm of communications these days so I am naturally drawn to the celebration of the written letter.

Naturally I found an online campaign promoted by the founder of Egg Press, that is called, Write_on.  It is a challenge to write 30 letters in 30 days during the month of April. So I have taken it upon myself to go for it. Watch the video or read more about this challenge at www.writeoncampaign.com

Since I was already going to mail out the ATC packages, I went ahead and wrote notes to each person. Since I had 8 people to mail to, I can subtract 8 letters from my 30 for this month.


If you find time, whether you want to challenge yourself to 30 letters or cards,  or just write one letter this month. It’s great for the postal service and it’s great for you and the recipient.

It also helps me with my OLW (one little word) for this year – Connect. It is another way for me to connect with family and friends.

Have a blessed day friends!



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