Library Haul: Gemini and The Honest Life

february2015I know you know I love libraries by now. I talk about them often and I visit our local library weekly with my boys.

A few weeks back I saw the author, Carol Cassella being interviewed and I enjoyed her interview and thought I would like to read one of her books. In addition to her new role as author, she is a practicing anesthesiologist.  I did a quick search and found Oxygen in our local library. This one blurb in the dust-jacket also had me hooked:

A stranger’s life hangs in the balance, what if you had the power to decide if she lives or dies?

I also liked that the title was Gemini and having my June birthday makes me a Gemini so must read. I am enjoying it so far and I will leave a review when I complete it.

Now I have heard of this second book, The Honest Life by the actress Jessica Alba before and when I was walking around the stacks in the library it was on display so I thought I would check it out.

What I like so far about it, is that she isn’t telling you that you have to do everything she does but pick what’s right for you and she educates you on the many toxins in the everyday products we buy. So far, very enlightening. I will review this too when I finish. I think borrowing this from the library is making me read it more than I would if I bought it.  If I purchased it, I would start and forget about it. Since I have a due date, I feel more compelled to read more. This doesn’t mean I will complete it in time but I like the added pressure to make me commit.

So don’t forget your local libraries when you are thinking of a new read. I can’t imagine a future without libraries but every day another is closing. So please support them and their activities. Every little bit counts. If we all do our part, we can make a difference and continue to have this lovely institution.

Happy Reading!



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