A Peek inside…things are happening!


Hello Everyone! Wow, did we have the most amazing storm last night. I came home from my book club meeting and then about a half hour later the sky opened up and the rain came down with so much force it started to flood a small area on our deck. Then came some thunder. It was pretty amazing.  I smiled thinking hmm no watering the grass tomorrow.  (It’s those little things you know?)

So what’s on my desk? Well I am redesigning my business model a bit and with that I am working on new product lines.  So you can see my lovely stick figure mock-ups.  I am using my Silhouette heavily for the new designs and really enjoying the process. I am also pulling out some of digi files that I haven’t used before to create some cool things.

My goal is to bring many of these designs to reality and put them up on Esty before the boys finish the school year.  As some of you may know, the end of the school year can become quite frantic.  So I will aim high and see what happens.

Well I am off to run some errands and then back to work.

Have a blessed day my friends.



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