Creative Mojo….where are you?

Hello Everyone!  I am so sorry I have been so bad not writing much here. I am experiencing a creative slump. My mojo is nowhere to be found. My ideas that typically flood my mind are trickling in and leaving me feeling less than inspired to sit at my craft table. It’s almost embarrassing to say this because it is not the lack of product in my room that is making me feel this way but my usual desire has taken a little vacation.

This time of year tends to do this to me. I am an avid gardener and as soon as spring begins, I want to be in the garden. Another thing that zaps my creative flow is the ending of the school year for my boys. There seems to be more tests, reports and school events that require my attention and for some reason they tend to zap my energy.

I used to fear these times because I would think to myself  “What if I don’t feel inspired again?”  And then I would add more stress to the situation. But now I am learning that there is an ebb and flow to everything.  That even my craft can and will have periods of stillness.  So rather than fight it and stress I am just sitting with it and trying to enjoy the calm before my creative mojo kicks in and I am doing just that by reading books. Reading is one of my all time favorite things to do and lately I am doing quite a bit while on break from my craft table.

How do you all get out of your creative slumps? I am open to new inspirations.

Have a blessed day!



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