Hello and Happy Monday!

I was having some internet issues this morning so I am a bit delayed in this post.  I hope you all had a fun Halloween. Luckily the weather was decent so we were able to take the boys out for tricks and treats.  Apollo was a Samurai and Nicholas was a wizard. I even dressed as a Huntress.

Apollo brought home his pumpkin he decorated at school on Friday. It’s now placed on a shelf in my craft room so we can enjoy it’s cuteness.

Every year the boys ask me when are we going to carve pumpkins. I say soon. So this year I let them pick mini pumpkins and I drew the design and Leao carved (they are a bit to young to handle a knife).

pumpkincarving1Apollo wanted a face and Nicholas wanted an N on his. I think they came out really cute.  I took the seeds and roasted them. I remember my mom doing that  when I was a little girl and I would love the smell of them roasting.

Well I am going to go grab some lunch. But I will be back tomorrow with my second installment of my new blog series, Tag Tuesday tomorrow.

Have a blessed day friends.



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