Fun Photos Friday – #14

Bubble time!

Bubble time!

Happy Friday everyone! Friday is definitely one of my favorite days of the week. I always look forward to more unstructured time with family.  I also know I am going to sneak in reading time on my deck which I have to say I have been doing a lot of even on weekdays as of late.

This week’s picture is of Apollo playing with his bubbles. I am always happy to see my kids’ reaction to bubbles. It is such simple past time and they simply enjoy it.

At first he couldn’t blow them. He either blew too hard or too soft so I would blow them and he and his brother would chase and pop them.  Now that he mastered the art of blowing his own,  he even puts his tech toys down to play.  Let’s face it, bubble never get old.

Hope you find something simple and fun to do this weekend.

Have a blessed Friday!



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