Happy Birthday Ella!

Yes, I am officially a crazy dog mom and I bought a dog cake and a couple decor items to celebrate our dog’s first birthday. It is a big milestone and a first for my family. This is our first family pet and we all have grown to love her very much.

Much bribery took place to get her to stay under her birthday banner and the cake was brought out last minute. Based on her size she was to only eat 3/4 of the cake and she tried to down it all in one bite so I had to pry out some to prevent the over indulging diva.

As we witness her going through all her doggie stages, I can only wonder what she will be like a year from now. Right now she is definitely embracing her teenage years and we are working to undo naughty habits. But overall, she has brought so much joy in our household, I am so grateful to be her adoptive mommy.

Have a lovely friends.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

daddyHappy Birthday Daddy! I still call him daddy since he passed away when I was 8 years old and I wasn’t calling him Dad yet.  So I guess I’m really a Daddy’s girl!  I have this picture of him, while he was in Germany, framed in my office. Pardon the blurriness. I just took a picture of the picture rather than scan it.  My mum kept him alive in my memory by sharing stories.  I try to share them with my boys from time to time so that they too might know a little about my amazing dad, who was taken too soon.

I hope he too, is watching over me and smiles when he sees the not one but two boys I have. My dad wanted some boys and he ended up with one boy and 5 girls, now how is that for luck?  But he never made us feel like that, he loved kids period and he would have had more if my mum didn’t put her foot down. I can’t imagine 6 kids in this day.  My two are plenty.

Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you!


Happy Birthday Bert!

Silly pose for the camera in the kitchen

Difficult to find words. Missing you very much.

Goofing around for the camera as usual!

I only had one brother and you were the best brother. I don’t know how you lived with all the girls in our family. You rose to the challenge and you added the necessary element that completed our family.

Picking me up from College with mum. Giving me one of those juicy kisses. Yuck!

You were an amazing son and father and your girls are now grown young ladies. Your even a grandfather. Go figure!

You and I at Beth’s wedding.

I miss hearing your voice and talking about everything. You always were filled with facts like mum. I really miss hearing you make music. You were a true musician.  I hope you are making beautiful music up there. I miss you terribly and you will never be forgotten.

Always the musician

Happy Birthday brother.

Love you,





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