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Hey!! How are you doing? I have been away for quite some time. I have been working on spring cleaning projects around the house and loving the results. I have come to realize that I attach way too much sentimental thoughts to “things” in my home and this year, I am turning it on it’s head with my spring cleaning efforts. I began a few weeks ago and cleaned out my craft room and restructure it’s layout and I am more than half way complete and love the energy when I enter the space.  More on that later.

Despite my “Cleaning bug” I still have managed to keep my reading up. I am in love with all things books so it is easy for me to fit time even if it’s 15 minutes here or there.  So I thought I would update you with what’s “On My Nightstand”:


While in college I first came across literature that taught me about the Japanese Internment camps here in the US. I never came across this information prior to then and I was surprised. I had this first book on my TBR list for a while and while in New Jersey last month, I purchased it. The book is called, “When the Emperor was Divine” by Julie Otsuka. It is a historical fiction following a family to an internment camp in Utah.  The second book called, “Gaijin: American Prisoner of War” is a graphic novel I came across at the library and decided it would be nice to see another approach to the topic.

onmynightstandMay-16_2016cMy third read is a brand new science fiction release by Sylvain Neuvel called, “Sleeping Giants“. I put myself on the wait list for this book a while back and was so thrilled when it came in last week. I am really enjoying this story and just found out it is the beginning of a series. So if you don’t like long waits, then I would hold off a while since the next book is slated for the summer of 2017.

onmynightstandMay-16_2016dMy final book is an audiobook by Tessa Harris and is called, “The Anatomist’s Apprentice“. It is a the beginning of a mystery series set in eighteenth-century England featuring an anatomist and the first forensic detective. It sounds very interesting and I just started listening to it today at work. So I will keep you posted.

So those are what’s on my nightstand.  What are you reading right now?

Happy Reading!


Belinda’s Book Nook Review: The Recipe Box by Sandra Lee

The Recipe










Title: The Recipe Box
Author: Sandra Lee
Copyright: July 2, 2013
Genre: fiction
Format: audiobook

Synopsis (from publisher):

From New York Times bestselling author Sandra Lee comes her debut novel, a heartwarming story about food, family, and forgiveness.

Grace Holm-D’Angelo is at her wit’s end, trying to create a new life from broken pieces. Newly divorced, she is navigating suddenly becoming a single mother to her fourteen-year-old daughter. Emma, resentful about being uprooted from Chicago to LA and still reeling from the divorce, is generally giving her mother a hard time.

Then Grace’s best friend, Leeza, succumbs to breast cancer after a long battle, and Grace realizes that you don’t get a second chance at life. She returns to her hometown of New London, Wisconsin, to try to reconcile with her own mother, Lorraine, with whom she’s been estranged for longer than she cares to remember.

Over the course of the summer, Grace rediscovers the healing powers of cooking, coming to terms with your past, and friendship, and learns you can go home again, and sometimes that’s exactly where you belong.

My review:

I listened to this audio book on my Nook HD.  I came across it while snooping around my Overdrive account. OverDrive, Inc. is an American digital distributor of eBooks, audio books, music, and video titles. Over a year ago I went to a tutorial at my local library on how to connect my e-reader to my local library to check out books.  Once I installed it, I became a quick fan. Since then,  I borrow many books through Overdrive.

I read the description for this audio book and thought it would be a fun one to listen to. I thought it would be a good book to listen to while I read my new book club selection and a book a friend lent me a while ago.  I also loved the cover of the book. The beautiful wooden recipe box and the lovely flowers definitely caught my attention.  The book description above from the publisher left no room for surprises but I still managed to enjoy listening to the story.

I enjoyed how the author shared the strong bonds of friendship and family in this book. The main character Grace had such supportive  friends and while I listened to it, I though of all the strength I draw from my dear friends.  My only complaint is that at times the reader’s male voice impression was a bit distracting so I would lose focus for a second and then moved on.

If you need a quick audio to listen to while riding in the car that is predictable but still warm, then this might be a good selection.





Happy reading!



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