What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday – #196

Hi Friends!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all doing well. I am feeling pretty happy today, I completed a project I have been meaning to do for a few weeks – creating a 2013 vision board.  Not only did I complete it but I had so much fun getting messy.

Preparing to make my 2013 Vision board.

Preparing to make my 2013 Vision board.

So I cut out all my photos from some magazines and printed up some images from Pinterest and then it was play time. I really enjoyed all the glue on my fingers. I have always loved the concept of  a vision board but never made the time to create one.  I have a place in mind that I would like to put it in my craft room so I can see it each day and have a visual reminder of my plans for 2013.

My 2013 vision board.

My 2013 vision board.

I am going to keep this short but will begin some snooping in the afternoon after work.  Thank you to all of you that took the time to comment last week. It always puts a smile on my face.

If you haven’t learned about this amazing creative journey you can take every Wednesday, then head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Have a blessed day!



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