Spring at Last, So Let’s Catch up!

Wow, I apologize for being away so long and for getting this post out so late. I have been a Busy B so we have some catching up to do.

Let’s begin with my annual girlfriend escape to a charming Inn up north. I missed it last year because I went to my girlfriend’s wedding in Jersey. So I was rearing to go this year. It all went down on March 30 – April 2nd and when I tell you it was so good for my soul, I’m not lying. There is truly something about the whole experience that moves me. I always enjoy the road trip because of my girlfriend, Ashley drives and we talk and laugh the whole drive. It takes between 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get there. The weather was sunny on both our drive up and drive home so our drive was so stunning especially when we got closer and could see the mountain views. When arrived, we ate lunch and then settled our stuff in our rooms which are oh so lovely. Mine has a fireplace so I am in paradise the whole time being that I don’t have this experience at my home.

The talk is always fun where we share home happenings and even recent traveling adventures. One of my friends just arrived back from a trip from Japan so she shared truly fascinating stories.  It’s also fun to see the beautiful craft projects everyone was working on during the weekend. My friend, Joan had some great photos from her trip to Alaska and was working on a really amazing scrapbook. Some of the ladies have even moved to the digital realm and were making digital scrapbooks.  I managed to color up some great images for some new cards. Much of the time, I played around with new techniques. Oh and let’s talk food.  Well, let’s just say the breakfasts were quite yummy each morning and  I managed to snag basically a meal and a half each day because I didn’t want to miss out on any yumminess. However, upon my return home, the scale reflected my extra indulgences!!!

Since my return, I have been treated quite nice by the boys and Leao. I think they missed me. Leao even surprised me this past weekend and baked a few loaves of Portuguese Sweet Bread. It is a bread I grew up eating so it took down memory lane while I indulged in its yumminess.  They came out so pretty like what you see at a bakery.

For the past two days, Leao (who is working from home) and I dropped off the boys at school and took a morning walk on the beautiful lake near us. The weather has been exceptionally warm these past two days so we were excited to get out there. I also started my yard clean up for the spring. I completed 1/4 of my yard yesterday and I hope to complete another 1/4 of my yard today by cleaning up my raised veggie beds and raised flower beds in my back yard.  Over the past month, I also completed some great books and will be posting some reviews soon. This time of year becomes a bit of a battle of staying in to craft and work on projects for work or being out in my garden or on my deck with a good book. For those of you that have been reading my blog for a time, will have seen the patterns. So soon, I will be posting more outdoor happenings. Because that is where I most want to be.

I hope you all have a blessed day and I hope to improve my frequency of posts.



  1. The best weekend every year! See you in the garden! xo

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