Saying Goodbye to Our Children’s Librarian – Miss Martha


Hello my peeps! Happy Monday! It’s raining outside today so I have my cup of tea close at hand and my books within reach too! It’s like a formula that must be fulfilled. Rain = Tea + Books!!  So I may cut my day short and indulge.

On the topic of books, I am sad to say that our amazing children’s librarian, Miss Martha is leaving our library at the end of this month. She has been with my kids for several years. As I have mentioned we go to the library weekly and often participate in the programs. We really love our time we spend there. So when the news came last month that she was leaving to a job closer to home, I was pretty devastated.

Apollo is a member of the libraries’ book club and she has led this group of wonderful kids through an adventure of great books and great discussions. I always sit in the back of the room and listen and let me tell you, their discussions hold up well against adult book discussions.  They all love reading and they show up eager to chat.

When it comes to Nicholas, she has been so great with making book recommendations in past years for reading for the accelerated reader program at school and has spent the last year, providing amazing support for his comic creations and club that he started at the library.


So for the last bookclub meeting, I brought food, a card and then I made these bookmarks with the members names on it as well as hers for her to take home and remember us.

For many, this might not be a big deal but for us this is sad. What I told the boys is that they have to be grateful for the time we have had and let her know she will be missed.

We haven’t met our new librarian but Martha assured us that she is leaving us in good hands.  So a new adventure will soon begin and I look forward to new adventures.

Have a blessed day!


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