Project Life: Week seven

week7aHello Everyone!  Happy Monday!  Today I would like to share with you my Week 7 of Project Life. This week I just love how the colors and pages came out. Some weeks, I am just ok with the layouts and then there are others that I really love. This week for some reason I just felt things flowed nicely and the colors look good.

week7bI wake up before sunrise to meditate and exercise at my home. So after I meditate I always grab my phone and look out the window for the sun. I love capturing sunrise. It’s a special moment in the day. This one was exceptionally beautiful sunrise with the silhouette of the trees around my neighbor’s yard so I thought I would include it in the album.


The picture of our front yard and garage buried under the snow is unbelievable and now that we broke the record for most snowiest winter, it is a great documentation for the boys to look back and see. I also included Nicholas working with his science partner at the library on their report. And Apollo working on his Valentine he made me on his Silhouette Portrait.


I recently downloaded the Project Life app and played round with a journaling card and added a photo for my Valentine lunch with Leao. I liked how it came out and it was simple to do. So I will definitely incorporate some more in weeks to come. Besides, I am not the biggest fan of my handwriting so any opportunity to reduce the occurrence is good by me.

week7eMy friend Joan knows I love Tiana from Disney’s Princess and the Frog movie.  When we took the boys this fall to Disney, I couldn’t find her. So when Joan went a few weeks back, she found the most beautiful ornament of Tiana and bought her for me. Well, I knew exactly where she would go – in my craft room! She hangs above my head on my cabinets. So when I need a little Disney magic to pick up my day, I glance up at her.

week7dI always read before bed and so one day, I decided to take a picture of my Nook on my bed before I started reading. It’s one of those daily habits that I overlook when documenting my life. I’ve captured reading at pick up but not bedtime.  I love catching the boys writing their Valentines’ cards. This will be Nicholas’ last year since I am pretty sure in middle school they stop exchanging them.  I want more pictures of Leao in my album too so I took the opportunity when we went out for our Valentine lunch to take one of him.  He still can rock the chopsticks like a pro. Me..not so much but believe me, I manage. I also love the photo of the boys walking out from school. The mounds are so high but the point also to note is after I stand out there freezing my butt off, they often rush ahead of me to the car!

Another great week. I will be back with 8 next week.

Happy crafting!


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