Project Life Week 15 – A Week of Books, Crafts and Me time


Hello! Happy Monday! I am back. I have been struggling to get back to some semblance of a schedule but this time of year, I just try to stay afloat.  This past weekend I was working with Nicholas on his science project for science fair. I love when I can use my Silhouette on one of his projects. But I did manage to squeeze in a Project Life session with my friend Ashley on Saturday.

Ok, enough babbling and on to week 15, shall we? This week I had a lot focused around my other love – reading.  I ended up with an insert to hold a little extra. Keeping the number of photos down is challenging for me since this is pretty much the only scrapbook I work on for the year. I don’t want to leave things out.


The first page has a picture of our Words of Wisdom chalkboard in our kitchen. I usually put a quote or poem and Nicholas also contributes. When it is a quote we all memorize it and recite it to each other without looking. I make it fun while sneaking in some education. I also made two cards with my new elephant stamps from WPlus9.  Treat yourself Tuesday was something I made up for myself to have a time during the day for reflection and relaxation. So that Tuesday, I got my Chai and the NYT and headed for my reading nook.  So nice to take that time to myself. No work,laundry nothing but me, my paper connecting me to the world happenings and the serenity of sipping hot tea.  Pure bliss!!

I also included a photo of my letter writing challenge. I have still continued with it but not on that scale. I have a little bin with all of my pretty card sets, stamps and addresses, so I can start whenever. Makes it easier for me to do it.

And  I took a picture of my new book bag that I ordered on Etsy. Lovin it!!!!


The insert this time was directly from a blog post. I printed it and included it in an 8 1/2 x 11 page protector. It saved me a lot of time and I loved the information about Apollo with his circuits and watercolor set.


On the back side of the insert, I included pattern paper and some embellies along with a 3×4 card acting as part of the title of the insert. Since all those photos happened at home, I wanted to show our love for our home.


The last page shared a great book haul as well as my first graphic novels I got from the library that focus on the civil rights movement. I also included a photo of a cute happy mail I received from Birchbox that addressed me as Delightful Belinda. Great marketing I tell you. I also included a photo of me using MayDay for the first time with my Kindle. I think this such a cool feature. Instead of talking on the phone, I talk through my device and the technical consultant can actually take control of my screen if necessary to help me. And I liked that it was lovely brown lady that was my first helper.

week15eOverall, a great week and I am glad I documented it for us to look back on. I will be back next week with week 16. Hope you all are well.


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