Project Life Week 14 – A Week of Family Happenings


I’m back!! I have been swallowed up by life and many projects got put on the back burner, project life being one of them. So I’m climbing my way back out of the whole and I am now able to bring you week 14 of my Project Life which was a busy but fun week.  week14aI of course ended up cutting a page protector to make an insert to accommodate my problem of wanting to include way too many photos.

I included my current book club read at the time which was The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. That was the first book by that author that I read but I thoroughly enjoyed it and even recommended to a friend who also read and enjoyed it. You can read my review here.

I took a few candid photos of Apollo and I included my March design for my ATC swap.

week14fI love the photo I included of Apollo waiting at the window for Leao to return via taxi from a business trip. It is one of those moments that made my heart so happy. I think I realize how much they love their dad because I witness these type of moments. I actually sent the photo to Leao while he was riding home in the taxi to show him how much he was missed.  Just precious.


For the insert I cut a 12 x 12 page protector down to include more photos. I do this because I want my inserts to be smaller than the regular 12 x 12 page protector.

It included a candid of Apollo in Barnes and Noble. They still love this place and so we go quite regularly. I also included and journaled about Apollo and how much joy he has for being a part of my monthly ATC swap. I took a picture of him sorting the cards in preparation for mailings. I also included bookmarks I made for Nicholas’ class since they read, “Wonder”, I made custom “Wonder” bookmarks.


This is the back side of the insert. I included the photo of the day I received my jury duty notice. I mean come on, why me? I have been called to jury duty since I was in college (which is a while back now) and I still meet people that have never been called. What? Not fair!! I also included Apollo on Easter morning getting his basket and a picture of the yummy spread my mother-in-law made for Easter Dinner.

week14eI just included photos on the second page from Easter with family. I didn’t put any embellishments on this page because my goal was to get it documented and complete.

So I hope to keep climbing out of this whole so that I can return next week with week 15.

Happy memory keeping my friends!


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