Project LIfe

My cover for Project LIfe 2012

I have really respected Becky Higgins since her days with Creating Keepsakes. I loved seeing her sketches each month in the magazine and saved them for inspiration.  Then she came out with a couple of books, Family Scrapbooking being my favorite. I love the way she shared her family stories and found them very inspirational. When she left CK I was sad but then quickly began to follow her blog.

I even met her once at a CK event in New Hampshire.  It was the funniest thing because I was with my sister-in-law and I was a little star struck when I saw her. She was pregnant at the time (can’t remember with which one but I think it was her second child). I can’t remember everything we said but I remember that she was genuine and kind. I remember she took so much time talking and I could see people waiting to talk to her but she continued to talk to Maggie and I.  From then on, I knew for sure that I really liked her as a person not just a scrap celebrity.

So I bought the first Project 365 kit and started taking pictures.  About two weeks in I stopped and never restarted. It went into that “I’ll get to it soon” pile.

Fast forward to 2012 and I decided to give it a go again. I have managed to take all my photos and keep much of my journaling on my desk calender. My problem this year is actually sitting down, printing photos and putting the journaling and photos in the album.

But I will do my best to post as I complete. Maybe this will keep me honest. So stay tuned.

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